Cookie banners are your friend

We require that our customers update their privacy policy with our recommended language or whatever your counsel says it should be given what we recommend.

Why's this important? - To eliminate ALL legal risk for using our technology and ANY OTHER cookie or pixel tracking technology is to implement a cookie banner with our language.

How to get your cookie banner set up.

We have partnered with “Cookie Yes” to make it easier for you, just follow the steps below to get up and running

Step 1: Create a CookieYes account

Go to

Step 2: Add a cookie banner to your website

Please follow the instructions on CookieYes’s website.

Step 3: Change the “Cookie Notice” to our recommended language.
  1. Go to “Cookie Banner” in the main NAV.
  2. Select “Content” in the left-hand NAV. 
  3. Go to the “Cookie Notice” tab next to the left-hand NAV.
  4. Add our language to the field. 
    "When you visit or log in to our website, cookies and similar technologies may be used by our online data partners or vendors to associate these activities with other personal information they or others have about you, including by association with your email or online profiles. We (or service providers on our behalf) may then send communications and marketing to these emails or profiles. You may opt out of receiving this advertising by clicking here”.
  5. Publish changes
Step 4: Go to your website and check the banner!

This is how the banner should look

As a reminder - using CookieYes WILL stop the script from firing until the user accepts. 

If you are using a different cookie banner, please write, and we can add blocking functionality to our queue.

Tips: How to get higher collection rates when the cookie banner is enabled

We see around a ⅓ decline rate for the banner across the system. 

California is the only state which treats business contacts as actual data subjects. No other states have any business-contact-level legislation. 

If you want to see your collection rate go higher, you can choose to only fire the pixel in California.

Step 1: Select "Geo-target" on the CookieYes dashboard
Step 2: Upgrade your account to “pro”.

It’s $20/domain instead of $10/domain.

Step 3: Select California from the “GeoTargeting” menu.

Step 4: Publish changes

Thank you!

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