Grow Your Agency
With RB2B

Improve Customer Retention, add Monthly Recurring Revenue, and let RB2B pay to promote your agency on LinkedIn.

Acquire More Customers

We'll help you find more customers by putting our ad spend behind your case studies that include RB2B in the workflow.

Grow Recurring Revenue

Add Inbound-Led Outbound as a channel. Either get paid more from performance or charge a higher retainer.

Improve Retention

Set up our Pixel and Slack integration and create a steady stream of dopamine hits for the client - that YOU OWN.

How The Program Works

Set up the dopamine hits to help retention

  • Your client will start seeing leads flow in, and will start getting dopamine hits.
  • They will associate the dopamine hits with YOU (not RB2B).
  • You should also set up a 2nd Slack channel with positive responses to all of the outbound you are doing.
  • This will constantly remind the client what you're doing for them, and boost retention by up to 50%.

Generate leads for 30 days (for free)

  • Use our full featured/unlimited product to run Inbound-Led Outbound for free for 30 days.
  • If you have outbound working already, this will also work.
  • Either set up automations with Clay/Smartlead, or do one-to-one outreach with VA's in PHI.
  • If you are getting paid for performance, get paid more.
  • If you are on retainer, give them a free month of Inbound-Led Outbound.

After 30 days, either buy the tech (20% affiliate to you) or don't

  • After 30 days you will know how well you did and what you can charge, either for performance, or on retainer.
  • By mid-may we will be operating with a credit system like the one to the right.
  • Under 200 leads/mo the client will be free forever.
  • Over 200 leads/mo you can either buy the tool yourself and mark them up, or bill it to the client.
  • 20% commisson back to you for as long as they use the tool.

Post on LinkedIn, acquire more customers on our dime

  • Make a video of your workflow and tag us, your agency, and your client in the post - we can help with the template.
  • We will put Thought Leadership Ad Dollars behind it.
  • Showing detailed workflows that are booking demos is a great way to showcase your intelligence and the best way to get customers. Just ask Michel Lieben.

What Agency Owners Are Saying

This is a no-brainer for anyone doing B2B LeadGen.

“Adam. What the f*&k. Pardon my French. This is f*&king wild. WILD.”

Ron Shah

Founder/CEO Chew on This

“We LOVE R! B2B! It’s been phenomenal data for us and we’re eating it up.”

Daniel Berk

Sr Sales Mgr, Beehiv

“I don’t see how every salesperson doesn’t eventually have this as part of their workflow.”

Stuart Chaney

Founder/CEO Rivo 

“What's great about RB2B is that we can install it and it's immediately a lead channel that starts to bring something in for them.

The quickness on delivery significantly increases the perceived value to the client.

Tyler Haren

Founder, SAS

“We installed RB2B for a few of our clients, and we booked meetings as fast as 15 minutes after installation.

I think it's a no-brainer because it gives you a lot of information (about leads).

Michel Lieben


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Review our Data Services Agreement, Data Usage Terms, DPA, InfoSec Addendum, and our GDPR/CPRA FAQ.

The RB2B Podcast

Learn about the product, vendor comparisons, the legal landscape, how to activate the data, and more.

Grow Your Agency
With RB2B.

Improve Retention, Recurring Revenue, and Customer Acquisition.