Person-Level Website Visitor Identity

Identify your anonymous website visitors. Push their LinkedIn profiles to Slack in realtime.

*** 🇺🇸 USA VISITORS ONLY 🇺🇸 ***

Get Your First Leads in Under Five Minutes

We push full LinkedIn profiles to Slack in Real-Time as soon as you drop our pixel on the website.

US Visitors Only, so GDPR does not apply to RB2B

Our pixel only fires for US IP addresses, and the profiles we deliver are tied to US geolocations.

What Agency Owners Are Saying

This is a no-brainer for anyone doing B2B LeadGen.

“Adam. What the f*&k. Pardon my French. This is f*&king wild. WILD.”

Ron Shah

Founder/CEO Chew on This

“We LOVE R! B2B! It’s been phenomenal data for us and we’re eating it up.”

Daniel Berk

Sr Sales Mgr, Beehiv

“I don’t see how every salesperson doesn’t eventually have this as part of their workflow.”

Stuart Chaney

Founder/CEO Rivo 

Wall Of Love

The ONLY Legitimate Way to Get Person-Level Identity

All other vendors stop at the account (or company) level.

Turn Pageviews Into Pipeline.

Identify the individuals (not just the companies) visiting your website.
Turn them into revenue.

Get High-Intent Prospects

The highest possible intent prospects are the people who have taken the initiative to visit your website.

Send Targeted Messages

Craft the perfect message at the perfect time based on behaviors like pageview history and visit frequency.

Create Filters for ICP

Too many leads? No problem. Filter down to the ones that matter based on firmographic and technographic data.

More High-Intent Leads = More Closed Deals, Period.

Make Your Outbound Sales More Productive

  • 2023 broke the "Predictable Revenue" model and the BDR motion as we know it.
  • Cold Email doesn't work anymore because inboxes have been ruined by automation tools.
  • Focus your BDR time on higher-intent prospects by using website signals to trigger sales motions.

Discover Decision Makers Who Are on Your Website

  • Uncover which of your marketing efforts are driving what type of buyer (industry, title, etc) to your website.
  • Figure out what people with which titles are responding to which channel.
  • Reach out to the hottest prospects with the most decision making power.

Close More Deals with Fewer Resources

  • Turning your attention to the bottom of the funnel will allow you to close more deals with fewer people.
  • Sales cycles will shorten by 2/3, deal sizes will remain unchanged.
  • Your salespeople will love working with you because fast-paced environments are fun and rewarding.


Everything you need to answer sales, marketing, and compliance questions.


Review our Data Services Agreement, Data Usage Terms, DPA, InfoSec Addendum, and our GDPR/CPRA FAQ.

The RB2B Podcast

Learn about the product, vendor comparisons, the legal landscape, how to activate the data, and more.


Why is this free?
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We give you a 30 day full-featured trial with LinkedIn profiles, all integrations, and business emails.

After 30 days the LinkedIn profile push to Slack is free forever.

If you want to either download a CSV or save time and push directly to sales automation apps or a CRM, you pay $495/mo.

Why can't I see myself identified on my own website?
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If you have not been cookied by our publisher network, you won't be able to see yourself.

We identify 20-30% of web traffic, US only.

So, there's somewhere between a 1/3 and 1/5 shot you'll be able to see yourself on your site.

How is this different from Clearbit, 6Sense, or DemandBase’s Website Identity Solutions?
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Those companies use a technology called “Reverse IP Lookup” to match IP addresses to company names. 

We use a completely different method of identification - our fully-permissioned, proprietary publisher network - that allows us to identify the exact individual on our website.

Learn more about how we identify your site visitors here.

How does RB2B work?
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Once you install our script in the header of your site, we will identify visitors to your website who are known and have been previously identified through our expansive, fully-permissioned publisher network.

We use a combination of 1st and 3rd party cookies, device IDs, and IP addresses to track and identify people across our network. 

Once we identify someone, we will push them to to you in Slack.

You can opt-out of our network here:

How hard is RB2B to set up?
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You get started in 3 easy steps, and we have 24/7 live support to help you get your script installed.

Our average user is up and running in under 5 minutes.

Learn more about setup here.

Does GDPR apply to RB2B?
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No. Our database of personal information only contains profiles that have been matched to US home addresses, andwe use IP ringfencing to only resolve US traffic.

In legal-speak, we do not have a product that is intentionally or deliberately focused on providing marketing intelligence to the European or U.K. market.

What about U.S. state privacy laws, like the California CCPA and CPRA?
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If you are compliant with these state-level regulations, the use of our product will not change that compliance status.

For more information, see our Compliance FAQ here.

What are the benefits of knowing the person on my website?
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Connecting with and messaging your website visitors will "Engineer Serendipity", meaning that people will be pleasantly surprised you are reaching out.

Connect on Linkedin: Create another brand impression and enjoy a near 100% acceptance rate.

Un-Stall Deals:
If someone who ghosted you is looking around your site, it's the perfect time to reach back out.

Identify Buyer Groups: Two or more people from the same company are the single best signal of real buying intent.

Book Demos: Your site visitors are your warmest audience and the easiest to convert to demos.

What should I send to these website visitors?
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We suggest scrolling through the contacts and only contacting people in your ideal customer profile.

When you find one, we've seen success using a sequence we are using for warm leads.

In many cases, if you get a positive response from the prospect, they respond with something like "what a coincidence -I was just researching your solution, I'm glad you reached out."

We call this practice "Engineering Serendipity".

Should I make any changes to my privacy policy?
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We recommend you add this to your privacy policy, subject to approval from your legal team:

"When you visit or log in to our website, cookies and similar technologies may be used by our online data partners or vendors to associate these activities with other personal information they or others have about you, including by association with your email or online profiles. We (or service providers on our behalf) may then send communications and marketing to these emails or profiles. You may opt out of receiving this advertising by visiting”.

Do you have Data Usage Terms or a DPA for my legal team to look at?
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Please visit our compliance portal here.

Can I opt-out of your network?
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Here is our CCPA/CPRA "Do Not Sell My Info" opt-out.

Here is our database opt-out.

Still have questions?

Contact our live support 24/7.

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